Consultation costs 190.00 € plus 19 % VAT. The amount is paid in cash at the office before the consultation.

Representation out of court:

The costs for representation out of court (e.g. a letter to the opponent or an authority) are according to the value of the dispute or a compensation agreement. I will gladly calculate the fee for you before I take up my work.


The fee is transferred or paid in cash in the office before I take up my work.


Representation in court:

The lawyers' fees in court are also according to the value under dispute. If you are unable to pay the lawyers' fees, you may request support for procedural or legal aid. Legal aid depends, however, on whether the dispute offers sufficient likelihood of success and whether all necessary documents (e.g. wage settlement, unemployment benefits notice) have been submitted to the court. If the request for legal aid is refused, the client shall pay the lawyers' fee.


The fee shall be paid before I take up my work.


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